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I am a current (2019-2020) MA student studying the taught "Medieval and Early Modern Studies" programme at the University of Kent. In 2018 I graduated from the University of Winchester with a Second Class Honours (Upper Division) degree in "History and the Medieval World". My undergraduate dissertation was supervised by Dr Simon Sandall, and involved the studying of Bakhtin's "Carnivalesque" and the puritanical depictions of the "topsy-turvy" pre-Reformation Catholic Church. My MA dissertation is being supervised by Dr Ryan Perry, and is a re-analysis of three "disobedient" and "rebellious" abbots from Lesnes Abbey, 1248-1344. I am also a gallery host at the Museum of London, where I have been researching into the interrelation between religion, community, and memory in regards to a 13th century gravestone that is currently on display within the Medieval Gallery. My hopes are to apply my research on late medieval community and religion, and relay the information to the general public in an accessible and visually/physically engaging manner.

(Greater London/Kent: Lesnes Abbey, 2020)

(Greater London/Kent: Lesnes Abbey, 2019)

Melanie Nightingale
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