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Welcome to MEMSLib

MEMSLib is an initiative of the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) at the University of Kent. This student-led project developed out of our shared desire to support academic peers and colleagues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online Resources

MEMSLib continuously updates our online resource pages, bringing you the latest tools and websites to help with your research. For example:

Manuscript Studies

We've complied the ultimate list to help with all things palaeography or codicology.

Medieval History of Art & Architecture

The Medieval History of art resource page provides you with links to our favourite image sourcing websites, manuscript pages, architecture related websites and more.

Early Modern History

We've created a list that provides the best digitised text websites to use as well as general bibliographies.

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The Forum

The MEMSLib forum is a gathering place for University of Kent students to come and use. Need a chapter from a book you cannot access? Or need advice about the best resources to use? Head over to the forum to find the answers and resources you need.

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