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Edited by Anna-Nadine Pike
With contributions from Dr Ryan Perry (MEMS) and Dr Daniel Smith (Kings College London)

Welcome to our landing-page for Middle English literature. Use this page to discover a wide range of online resources for studying, understanding, or teaching the literature of the late-medieval period, broadly taken as c.1300-1600, written predominantly in the English vernacular. The literature found on this page would therefore be best approached alongside our Middle English Language resources, which include dictionaries and tools for geo-locating texts based on dialectic variation.  Additionally, some of the literature covered here is written in Latin, French, and Irish, reflecting the polyglotism of late-medieval England, and resources for studying each of these languages can be found here.

If you are interested in literature from other eras, resources can also be found on our Early Medieval Studies, Early Modern Literature and Early Modern Drama pages.

And if you are looking to browse Middle English manuscripts online, why not try our page dedicated to global Digitised Manuscript Collections?

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Our Middle English Literature forum connects you to an online scholarly community of researchers who will be happy to help with reading recommendations, sourcing texts, and more.


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Page edited by Anna-Nadine Pike
With contributions from Dr Edward Roberts (MEMS), Dr Robert Gallagher (MEMS),
Dr Ryan Perry (MEMS) and Dr Daniel Smith (Kings College London)

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