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In the Press 5: Lincoln Record Society Newsletter, Issue 16 (Autumn 2020)

MEMSLib: The new way to research in an online-only world

Dr Daniella Gonzalez, Published November 2020

"Carrying out research during the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge and many of us have needed to adapt to new ways of conducting research from home. Researching from home, however, is not without its difficulties, and not being able to have easy access to libraries and archives has meant that several of us have come up against a wall when trying to research. It is for this reason that myself and colleagues in the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) at the University of Kent – Róisín Astell, Anna Hegland, Emma-Louise Hill and Anna-Nadine Pike – created the medieval and early modern studies lockdown library: MEMSLib."

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