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New exciting additions to MEMSLib Forum

We received a tweet last week from a scholar asking whether there was a platform that collated all the latest call for papers, upcoming events etc in Medieval Studies - and this got us thinking. There aren't many places out there that have all this kind of information in one place. 

We decided that we could turn our forum into a space where people could do exactly this - post and share events all in one place. These posts can be viewed by anyone - you don't need a social media account or to be a member of the forum. To post you will need to become a member, but that's pretty easy. 

We've created two new sections on our forum - a notice board for all things Medieval Studies and another for Early Modern Studies. We would love for you to share this with your scholarly community and help spread the word that we want MEMSLib's forum space to become the place to find out about call for papers, seminars, and more.


Want to post an event/call for papers but don't know how?

1. To post on our forum you will need to become a member. 

Becoming a member of MEMSLib is simple. Go to our website, click on 'log in' at the top right-hand corner. Fill out all the relevant information & wait for one of our moderators to approve you.  

2. Post your event/call for papers etc.

Head over to the relevant notice board on the forum. Click on 'create a post' - choose 'Start a discussion'. This will open a new screen. Write your post, add images & then hit 'Publish'. 

3. Share the post 

Share your event or call for papers on social media to help spread the word! 


Got suggestions? We would love to hear them! Feel free to tweet us or send us an email with any suggestions that you may have for our new forum categories.

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