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Digitised Library Collections and Holdings
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Qatar Digital Library: This is an online archive showcasing the cultural and historical heritage of the Gulf and wider region.

Cambridge (UK), Cambridge University Libraries

Digitised resources from Cambridge University Libraries.


Cambridge (UK), Corpus Christi College

A collection of manuscripts from the Parker Library, almost all of which have full digital facsimiles, together with their bibliographic records. The site also details the Library’s recent exhibitions, with digital images of exhibits and their object descriptions. 


Dublin, Trinity College Dublin

Digitised collections from the library of Trinity College, Dublin, including a fully digitised version of The Book of Kells, accessible from the homepage. 


London, British Library

Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts - The searchable descriptions and images of the Medieval and Early Modern manuscripts held within the British Library. The catalogue is searchable by shelf-mark, but note that the catalogue only contains select items from the Additional collection, and does not include the Cotton collection.


Oxford, Bodleian Library

Digitised images from collections within the Bodleian Library, Oxford, including its medieval manuscripts and early printed books. These collections are fully searchable, but can also be browsed by thematic collection.


Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Gallica, the digital library of the BnF, which collates books, images, maps, manuscripts and sound recordings. Manuscripts are subdivided into several categories including ‘Merovingian manuscripts’, ‘Carolingian manuscripts’, ‘The manuscripts of Chrétien de Troyes’ and ‘The manuscripts of Christine de Pizan’, but are also fully searchable. 


Rome, The Vatican Library 

Digital Vatican is an ongoing project which aims to digitise each of the 80,000 codices held within the Vatican Library


Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland

Facsimiles and descriptions of the medieval manuscripts held within Swiss libraries. The site is organised primarily by library, but is meticulously subdivided, facilitating searches by material, binding, language, century, etc.


United States of America

Cambridge (MA), Harvard Library

Catalogue and searchable digitised Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from the Houghton library, Harvard. 


Digital Scriptorium

Digital Scriptorium brings together American librarian and museum collections to provide online access to their collections of medieval - early modern manuscripts. Records include a description of the manuscript together with sample, downloadable images of selected folios. The Digital Scriptorium is fully searchable, and can be browsed by location or language. 


Pennsylvania, Penn Libraries

   ‘Penn in Hand’ Digital records and digitised facsimiles of items within the University of Pennsylvania’s Rare Books and Manuscript Library, with advanced search options

    ‘OPenn: Curated collections’ Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, OPenn offers high-resolution archival imagery from the collections of its contributing institutions, including its Collection of Indic Manuscripts and Manuscripts of the Muslim World.


New York, Pierpont Morgan Library

CORSAIR, the digital library of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, with a detailed, searchable catalogue.

Additional Resources & Collections

The Islamic Manuscript Association - Online Manuscript Catalogues

A valuable grouping of manuscript catalogues from international libraries and holdings with significant collections of Islamic materials.

Late Medieval English Magic Compiled as part of doctoral research by Laura Mitchell (University of Toronto), this project offers a catalogue of late-medieval manuscripts which feature magical charms, conjurations, treatises, recipes and rituals. The catalogue is searchable by library holding and location, and manuscripts are also grouped according to charm type or ingredient.

‘Manuscrits Médiévaux: France-Angleterre 700-1200'

A project developed by the BnF in partnership with The British Library, supported by The Polonsky Foundation. The project presents 800 fully digitised manuscripts from France and England within this 500-year period, which can be browsed by theme (hagiography, liturgy, law, etc), place, author or century.

Medingen Manuscripts Online
Seven of the eight Medingen manuscripts held within Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg are now online. These are Latin devotional manuscripts containing Low German songs and musical notation, thought to be prayer books connected with the Medingen Abbey, a fourteenth-century Cistercian nunnery in Bad Bevensen. These manuscripts have become the centre of the Medingen Manuscripts project led by Henrike Lähnemann (University of Oxford).


Medieval Manuscripts on the Web

A resource from the University of British Columbia, containing a list, alphabetised by country, of previous or current manuscript digitisation projects globally, with a short description for each. The list also includes links to several online palaeographical resources, including DigiPal and InScribe.

Medieval Material Girls

Led by Kenna Olsen (Mount Royal University, Canada), this project investigates the scribal activity of women in late-medieval England through a focus on manuscript study. The project asks whether women copy books, and how such engagement with medieval literary culture may be evidenced. The project site features a gallery of women’s annotations in late-medieval manuscripts, and a treemap showing the count of texts containing female names. 


The Eran Laor Cartographical Collection, from the National Library of Israel

A partially digitised collection of maps, atlases and travel books which focus primarily upon Jerusalem and the Holy Land, from the 9th to the 20th century. “The maps in the collection are in various European languages, as well as in Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic.” The digital collection can be browsed by religion, central location, place publishing and scale.

Endangered Archives Programme

The Endangered Archives Programme is a project from the British Library working towards "the digitisation of archives around the world that are in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration". New projects are added monthly, the most recent of which include Libros de Hijuelas ('deed books') and documents recording the privatisation of indigenous lands in Mexico from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.


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