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Blogs and Media

Curated by Anna-Nadine Pike

This page brings together a range of blogs, podcasts, and other resources aimed at furthering your understanding of the contexts surrounding the late-medieval period in English literature. We would welcome your recommendations for resources to add to this list - if you know of a blog or podcast which you would like to share, please do get in touch with us.

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enclosure - a blog, artist profiles, original prose and curated source lists for studies pertaining to enclosure. Enclosure here begins with the concept of the medieval anchoress or female religious mystic, but speaks equally to the spaces created in modern installation art, or the Woolfian ‘Room of One’s Own’. enclosure is managed by Stacie Vos (UC San Diego), responding to research by Dr Henrike Lähnemann (University of Oxford), Julie Orlemanski (University of Chicago) and Godeline Gertrude Perk (University of Oxford).

Historical Association Podcasts - The Historical Association offers a wide range of podcasts relating to medieval Britain and Ireland, and is frequently updated.

Introducing Medieval Christianity - A resource aimed at undergraduate students, which introduces key themes and ideas within the study of medieval Christianity. The blog is frequently updated with new articles, most recently focussing on Medieval Religious Women and devotion to Christ's Holy Name.

Knight School: Taking a Stab at the Middle Ages  - A new, student-led podcast which aims to make Medieval Studies as accessible as possible. Each week a guest speaker is an episode expert, and with recent discussions focussing on perceptions of disability, medieval warfare and medieval Sufism.

Listen to a Life Series - Podcasts in association with the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

The Medieval Podcast - Hosted by, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, events, people, and concepts, from monastic living, to armoured women, to the significance of paper in late-medieval Europe.

Medievalists of Color A professional organisation, blog, teaching resource and community of PoC within medieval studies, curated by scholars, academics and independent researchers globally. - News, articles, blogs, videos and podcasts relating to the developments and representation of medieval history, literature and culture in current society.

My Favourite Mystic - Podcast hosted by AJ Langley (Queen Mary University London), which invited guests to discuss mystical texts and experience, with emphasis on late-medieval writers.

Reading Medieval Books (Jeanne de Montbaston) Blog by Lucy Allen, scholar of female representation in the literature and visual culture of England and France, from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries.

University of Oxford Podcasts (Medieval English) - An engaging series of recorded lectures, text readings and conversations on topics pertaining to medieval literature in English. Browse additional podcast series from the Faculty of English Language and Literature here.

Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon (University of Surrey) - This blog forms part of the Women’s Literary Culture network, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, with guest-written posts encompassing a global range of literary subjects and medieval individuals. Latest topics include the poetry of the eighth-century ascetic, Hazrat Bibi Rabia Basri, and the concept of eviction from the medieval Hortus Conclusus, the Enclosed Garden. 

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