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Unused resources

Early English Books Online (EEBO) - almost all works in English printed from 1473-1700.

Cambridge Digital Library - Cambridge’s digital collections encompass a huge range of MS and print material from across the globe, including early printed books. 

Folger Library Digital Image Collection (known as LUNA) - the Folger’s general digital database for their printed and MS collections. 

Harvard Digital Collections - a digital repository of roughly 6 million items, including early printed material. 

The Huntington Digital Library - contains digitised copies of early printed books from the Hungtington’s collection. 

UCL Digital Collections - digital images of UCL’s early printed books.    

Medieval Mosaics - this site gives information about different medieval mosaics around the world.

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Manuscript Studies

We've compiled the ultimate list to help with all things palaeography or codicology.

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