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Curated by Segolene Gence.

Welcome to our page dedicated to

Early Medieval Material Culture and Art History!

The MEMSLib team is in the process of developing this page and is welcoming contributions from their users. Spotted some great resources on Early Medieval Material Culture or Art History? Would you like to contribute to MEMSLib? Let us know by contacting us here.

This page aims to gather resources to help our users in their exploration of early medieval material culture and art history. There will thus necessarily be some overlap with this page and others, such as Manuscript Studies and Medieval History of Art.

Simply click on the name of a resource to be taken directly to its website.

Material Culture
Art History

Material Culture

In this section, you will find databases and projects focusing on early medieval material culture. If you are looking for resources on late medieval material culture, try our Late Medieval History page.

  • The British Museum's collection catalogue is a good place to start looking for information on early medieval artefacts. Worth a mention is also the Ashmolean museum, which catalogue gives you the possibility to view and browse their records by time period and type in one simple interative graph. In general, museums' collection catalogues are a great place to start.

  • Kornbluth Photography is an images archive of objects, coins, art and more from the Carolingian period.

  • Celtic Inscribed Stones Project's Database is a collaborative and interdisciplinary study of Medieval Celtic inscriptions from Celtic-speaking regions of the early middle ages, (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, the Isle of Man, and parts of western England, in the period approximately AD 400-1100). Included are all stone monuments inscribed with text, whether in the Celtic vernacular or Latin, in the Roman alphabet or ogham (but excluding runic inscriptions). The website is from 2001.
Art History

If you are interested in early medieval manuscripts, please check our section dedicated to them on this page.

  • Medieval Monastic Project offers a specialised list of manuscripts relevant to the study of early monasticism. Click here to see online catalogues from institutions and libraries across Europe.

  • Index of Medieval Art (institutional access required) is the largest database of medieval art in existence with full-text records for over 23,000 works of art dating from early apostolic times to A.D. 1400. 

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Last updated by Segolene Gence - 31/01/22

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