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Curated by
Segolene Gence.

With contributions from Dr Edward Roberts (MEMS, University of Kent) and Dr Robert Gallagher (MEMS, University of Kent)

Welcome to our homepage for Early Medieval Studies! From here, you will be able to discover resources for the study of the history and literature of the early medieval world (c.300 - c.1100).


Many of our historical and literary resources are based on documents written in Latin, Old English, Old Irish or Old French among other languages. For help approaching these materials in their original language, you can refer to our Medieval Languages page which offers language resources and dictionaries for each of the languages aforementioned.


There will necessarily be some overlap with this page and others, such as Manuscript Studies and Medieval History of Art. Do feel free to browse those pages too as they offer useful materials for the understanding and teaching of their respective subjects.

If you are interested in the later Middle Ages as well, do visit our Late Medieval History page and our Middle English Literature page. We hope to offer late medieval literature pages for other regions than England in the near future.

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The use of the term 'Anglo-Saxon' is one that the curator of this page has decided to avoid (unless use in a resource's name) due to its racist and imperialist undertones and to how this term has been weaponized to justify and spread white supremacist ideologies. For a discussion of this term's history and damaging consequences on society see this blogpost by Dr Rambaran-Olm.

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